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We help you run a better brokerage by taking accounting off your hands.

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Yacht Brokers & Dealers

At Balance Experts, we understand the complexity of accounting for dealer and broker sales. We took a deep dive into the boating industry in 2015 when a new client contacted us for help. Working together made us realize that there was a big gap – there were no accounting professionals specializing in the boating industry. Luckily, we enjoy every aspect of this complex area, and we are here to take accounting off your hands. Plus, we get to go to all the boat shows!!!

How We Can Help

  • Properly recording broker and dealer boat sales, including inventory records and trade-ins.
  • Full account reconciliations, including escrow accounts and funds transfer transactions.
  • Accounting for liability payments of taxes and fees, commissions, and more.
  • Full-service payroll and 1099s.
  • Tax return preparation.

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